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    Coating / Layering

    Solid oral dosage forms are coated to apply a range of functions: from attractive colored instant-release coatings or robust taste-masking to functional coatings defining enteric or sustained release. BASF offers all major coating types plus as well as plasticizers for your successful coating formulation.

    Crystallization Inhibition

    Crystallization inhibition is an important factor to maintain drug solubility and bioavailability out of solid and liquid dosage forms in particular. BASF offers a range of well established crystallization inhibitors that ensure that your drug will not get lost on its way to the point of action in the body.

    Direct Compression

    Direct compression (DC) is the most economic way to produce a tablet as it is the shortest and most direct way to get from powder mix to final dosage form. BASF offers all functional excipients to successfully develop a DC process for your drug, including key elements like appropriate binder and lubricant.

    Dry Granulation

    Dry granulation is a great choice to produce solid oral dosage forms if cost and process efficiency are essiential. BASF offers the most effective dry binders available, along with all other functional materials and expertise required to help you develop your process successfully.

    Hot Melt Extrusion

    Hot-melt extrusion has been used in the plastics & food industries for decades. In the 1980s, BASF became the first company to apply it to the production of pharmaceuticals for enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble actives. Today, HME is an accepted process for creating solid dispersions of APIs.

    Melt Granulation

    Melt granulation is a great process option in a formulators' biovailability enhancement arsenal. A meltable binder is used to agglomerate drug and other ingredients to reduce recrystallization potential through separation. BASF offer all functional materials required for a successful formulation using melt granulation.

    Physical Mixing

    BASF offers a broad portfolio of functional excipients suitable for physical mixing processes.

    Spray Drying

    Spray drying is an established technology in the pharmaceutical industry to create amorphous, soluble forms of active ingredients. Key for a successful process is the use of the right functional polymer to ensure a stable solid dispersion. BASF offers a wide range of functional polymers to choose from, along with all other excipients typically used in the formulation.

    Wet Granulation

    Even though more efficient processes like direct compression and dry granulation are on the rise, wet granulation as a means to aggregate powder ingredients still plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. BASF offers the key functional materials required to achieve great wet granulation results.