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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Solubilization Enhancement

    Softgel Fills: Solubility Enhancement & Emulsification

    BASF offers a comprehensive range of high quality lipids, solvents and solubilizers to enhance solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs in softgel formulations.

    Poorly soluble drugs are one of the major challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing. More and more drugs in development exhibit low solubility. Self-emulsifying drug delivery is one option enhance solubility and bioavailability for lipophilic drugs. BASF offers oils, surfactants such as emulsifiers, solubilizers and solvents for the formulation of SEDDS. Our formulation experts can provide customized solutions for your API. BASF offers a comprehensive range of high quality lipids, solvents and solubilizers for this challenge.

    Comprehensive functional portfolio for solubiliation in liquid dosage forms
    Trusted and proven performance and safety of our products
    Comprehensive functional portfolio for solubiliation in solid & liquid dosage forms
    High Through put screening tools to speed up you formulation time

    Selecting the right solubilization product and technology for a poorly soluble API often involves a lot of trial and error. But partnering with our experts, you can tap into their extensive solubilization expertise and experience with all key technologies. Our experts have access to industry-leading tools such as our high-throughput screening (HTS) robot. Our HTS screening tools can helo you to speed up the formulation time.

    Application Guide

    Solubility Enhancement with Pharma Polymers

    This book is intended for pharmaceutical technologists in industry and at universities who wish to formulate poorly water-soluble drugs or generally interested in solubility enhancement.

    Product Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

    This brochure presents an overview of our leading-edge products, grouped in the following platforms: Softgels, solubilization, Instant and Modified Release and Skin Delivery.

    Related Solution Platform

    Solubilization Platform

    Effective solubilization in solid & liquid dosage forms. The right path for greater solubility and bioavailability.