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    Softgel Shell: Lubrication

      With it's Kollisolv® product range BASF offers high quality lubricants to smoothen softgel production.

      The highly sophisticated manufacturing process of softgel capsule calls for a high quality and consistent liquid lubrication. Prior to encapsulation the ribbon must be coated with a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking during the filling and sealing process. The application of this oil is critical because insufficient lubrications may increase maintenance, reduces capacity and ultimately increases cost. Over lubrication may increase drying time and polishing time. BASF offers you with its Kollisolv® MCT 70 a high quality and GMP medium chain triglyceride a tried and trusted lubricant for softgel production.

    Extensive expertise in softgel technology through Omega-3 Verbund
    Trusted functionality of our excipients
    Kollisolv® MCT 70 - a high quality and GMP medium-chain triglyceride, tried and trusted lubricant for softgel production.

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