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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Polymers for the shell

    Modified release for soft gels
    Our Polymers for softgel shells

    Easy to process coating solutions for enteric and sustained release and moisture protection

    Enteric release and moisture protection are the most commonly desired functional coatings for soft gel capsules. Omega-3 capsules, for example, are commonly coated with an enteric polymer to prevent the dissolution of the omega-3 oil in the stomach with could result in unwanted burbs. Furthermore, moisture protective coatings are very important for soft gels due to the formulation challenges of soft gels with their long-term stability or their tendency to stick together.

    Deep understanding of our polymers in coating application of softgels
    Comprehensive portfolio of easy to proces coating solutions for enteric and sustained release and moisture protection
    Customized solutions for the effective coatings of softgels to provide enteric sustained release and moisture protection
    Technical and application service to develop coating formulation and process for successful commercialization

    Enteric Release

    When the active ingredient is not supposed to be released in the stomach, a formulator will design his dosage form with an enteric release profile. BASFs enteric release excipients offer maximum functionality while being the most easy-to-apply.

    Moisture Protection

    Moisture protection is typically applied to protect a sensitive active ingredient from degradation and/or to avoid the dosage form as such from deformation and thus poor performance. BASF offers moisture protective coatings that active ingredients remain unaffected from environmental moisture across its lifetime.

    Film Forming

    Film formers are used in the formulation process to apply a coating layer to provide a range of functionalities: from attractive colored instant-release coatings to robust taste-masking solutions. BASF offers a full range of highly efficient film formers for all dosage forms.

    Sustained Release

    Sustained release profiles allow tailored dosing of the active ingredient over an extended period of time up to 24 hours. Common ways to achieve such release rates are the use of film coating, a sustained release matrix or sustained release drug-loaded granules. BASF offers powerful excipients that provide almost endless design space for sustained release formulations.

    Omega 3

    - Extensive expertise in softgel technology through Omega 3 Verbund
    - Hydrophilic fills of the highest purity to minimize gelatin crosslinking and API
    - Compliance with all regulatory requirements
    - Pioneering in Omega 3 since 1838

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