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    Direct compression of solid oral dosage forms – a full range of functional solutions

    Direct compression (DC) is the most economic way to produce a tablet as it is the shortest and most direct way to get from powder mix to final dosage form. BASF offers all functional excipients to successfully develop a DC process for your drug, including key elements like appropriate binder and lubricant.

    Today, direct compression plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry as the continuing trend towards generics requires manufacturers to design their production processes as efficient as possible. This is what direct compression delivers – formulation components are homogenized by mixing and then directly compressed into the final dosage form.

    However, in order to achieve a robust and lasting dosage form, the to be compressed functional components used in the mix must exhibit good flowability and compressibility. And this factor gets more important in case

    • the amount of functional excipient in the formulation is reduced, i.e. due to a required high drug load, or
    • the drug itself is very poorly flowable or compressible.
    BASFs expertise in functionality enables your high efficiency direct compression process
    All functional components you need for your formulation
    Trusted functionality for a high yield process
    Ready-to-use solutions for projects sensitive to time-to-market

    This is why we offer a range of high to highly effective direct compression binders, disintegrants and lubricants that will provide you all the design space you need for your formulation.

    And if you are working on a project where time-to-market is absolutely critical, we offer specialized ready-to-use premixes for tablets, orally disintegrating tablets and other dosage forms that will enable you to take the fast track towards your direct compression process.

    Instant & Modified Release

    BASFs rich portfolio of instant and modified release solutions offers an unprecedented range of functionality.


    Direct compression of tablets

    ExActConcepts – generic drug formulation for Caffeine. One-step tableting and trouble-free processing: convenient manufacturing based on direct compression.


    Formulation of Orally Disintegrating Mini-Tablets (ODMTs)

    ExActConcepts – This concept combines formulation for infants and fast disintegration of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.


    Evaluating critical quality attributes of direct compressible ibuprofen in a QbD approach

    The aim of this study was to evaluate whether a variation of those characteristics has a critical impact on the processing of Ibuprofen DC 85 or on the final tablet’s features and therefore really needs to be considered as CQA.