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    Dermal Drug Delivery: Excipients for the solubilization and delivery of drugs into or through the skin

    A versatile portfolio of excipients spanning a wide range of solubility parameters to be used effectively in semi-solids, gels, liquids and transdermal patches to increase drug penetration through the skin.

    Drug penetration into or through the skin can be accelerated by maximizing solubilization in the formulation or by modifying the solubility in the stratum corneum lipid domains. The choice of excipient is determined by the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of the API, so the formulator’s palette must contain hydrophobic, hydrophilic and amphiphilic fluids. BASF hydrophilic, lipophilic and amphiphilic solubilizers and dermal penetration enhancers to meet these challenges and aid in the effective delivery of your target API. Examples include, Kollisolv® GTA (Triacetin) which is both oil and water miscible, Kollicream® 3C (Cocoyl caprylocaprate) which is an extremely mild, light oil and the Polysorbates (20, 60 and 80) and Poloxamers (particularly Kolliphor® P 188 and Kolliphor® P 407) as mild, amphiphilic drug delivery aids. BASF offers a wide range of solubilizers and penetration enhancers to aid in the effective delivery of a target API.

    BASF portfolio of hydrophilic, lipophilic and amphiphilic solubilizers and skin penetration enhancers.
    Wide range of solubilizers and skin penetration enhancers
    Enhancing effective drug delivery