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    Dry granulation for solid oral dosage forms – a full range of functional solutions from BASF

    Dry granulation is a great choice to produce solid oral dosage forms if cost and process efficiency are essiential. BASF offers the most effective dry binders available, along with all other functional materials and expertise required to help you develop your process successfully.

    As with direct compression, dry granulation allows dry handling of moisture sensitive active ingredients. It furthermore is another great option if you require an efficient, low-cost tabletting process.

    The most common approach for dry granulation is roll compaction, in which a powder blend of all relevant ingredients is compressed between two rotating mills. The resulting ribbons or flakes are fractioned to the desired particle size and then ready for final tablet compression. Roll compaction provides a range of advantages to pharmaceutical manufacturers, including

    Benefit from our 75 years of experience in excipient functionality
    All functional components you need for your formulation using dry granulation
    Trusted functionality for a high yield process
    Ready-to-use solutions for projects sensitive to time-to-market
    • Easy and predictable scale-up from development to production
    • Continuous process with typically 250kg/hr
    • Minimum of floor space required

    Next to other ingredients formulated in dry granulated mixtures, key functional component is the right dry binder. It ensures proper agglomeration and tensile strength, and avoids that the granules crumble back to their powderous form

    • Most suitable dry binders have high plasticity
    • Products with small particle size result in tablets with excellent tensile strength
    With Kollidon® VA 64 Fine, Kollidon® CL-M and Kollidon® CL-SF, we offer you dry granulation binders that fully match these characteristics - and of course all other functional ingredients that you require for your formulation to be dry granulated.


    Maximizing roller compaction benefits with the proper excipient selection

    Roller compaction is employed by the pharmaceutical industry due to the significant advantages it offers in production process efficiency and its applicability for specific APIs. In this whitepaper, a drug development expert will explain when and why roller compaction is used and summarize the key benefits for both the formulator as well as the production team. Participants will learn the key factors to consider when selecting the excipients for optimal compaction results and review examples of different applications.