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    Tablet binding for solid oral dosage forms – functional solutions from BASF

    By holding all ingredients together, binders play a key role in making sure tablets, pellets or granules stay in shape until they reach their target. BASF offers the most comprehensive range of binders for any formulator challenge – from formulating highly sensitive drugs to establishing efficient continuous processing.

    A pharma binder is what essentially holds together the ingredients of any solid oral dosage form. Whether produced using wet or dry granulation, roll compaction or even direct compression, the binder ensures integrity and is crucial to stability across the formulation lifetime.

    While its fundamental role is always the same, requirements towards the binder are very different – depending on the drug, other ingredients used, the targeted type of dosage form as well as the targeted production process.

    All you need in binding – from BASF
    High & highest binding capacity
    Solutions for all industry processes, incl. aqueous wet binding, roll compaction, direct compression
    Low peroxide and no-peroxide solutions

    Based on our 75 years of Kollidon heritage, BASF now offers a highly effective binder solution for any challenge. Our original Kollidon® 30 and its derivatives are the legacy tablet binders standard with high binding capacity. If you are looking for a dry granulation process, Kollidon® VA64 Fine and Kollidon® CL-M are the top choices. And if you are working on an active ingredient sensitive to peroxides, you can choose between using our Peroxeal-packed Kollidon grades or our multifunctional highlight and completely peroxide free Kollicoat® IR.


    The Binding of Peroxide-Sensitive APIs: Typical Challenges, and How to Overcome Them

    Pharmaceutical Technology magazine talked with Dr. Bernhard Fussnegger, Global Development and Technical Marketing at BASF.


    Binding of peroxide sensitive API – typical challenges and how to overcome them

    Talk about the excipient developer’s family of peroxide-free excipients that are recommended for APIs sensitive to oxidation.


    Experts will showcase how to bind Peroxide Sensitive APIs successfully

    In this live webinar, experts will showcase how to formulate a peroxide-sensitive drug using a binder that combines high binding strength with no peroxide formation at all.

    Avoiding peroxides in your formulation

    Peroxide sensitivity is an increasing topic for pharmaceutical formulators. Many new active ingredients are prone to peroxides. In addition, the need for lifecycle management of existing drugs creates a need for new dosage forms that often come with higher exposure to oxygen.

    We have worked to offer you binders with low and even no peroxide exposure at all – all depending on your formulation need

    • Our signature Peroxeal packaging used for Kollidon® 25, Kollidon® 30, and Kollidon® 90F reduces peroxides to a minimum
    • Kollidon® 30 LP (low peroxide) is an enhanced version of Kollidon® 30 with integrated antioxidant – further reducing the peroxide exposure, up unto the final dosage form.
    • Kollicoat® IR is our latest binder highlight. Its binding capacity compares to Kollidon® 30, but has no peroxide formation at all

    Peroxide protection along product lifecycle