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    Disintegration for solid oral dosage forms – functional solutions from BASF

    A disintegrant ensures that a solid oral dosage form quickly breaks into smaller fractions in order to ensure a fast release of the drug. BASF offers disintegrants across a broad range of particle sizes, making any type of desired formulation possible.

    Disintegrants disperse a dosage form into smaller particles as soon as they reach an aqueous environment, i.e. through swelling. With this breakdown into smaller units, the medium is exposed to more of the active ingredient surface, which then dissolves to be adsorbed. Without the disintegrant, a significant amount of a drug could ultimately pass the body without ever getting to action.

    Disintegrants for your formulation need

    BASF offers disintegrants with a variety of particle sizes. This choice allows the formulation of effectively disintegrating tablets from very small (i.e. hormone tablets) to large (i.e. supplements). With Kollidon® CL-F, we offer a mid-range particle size disintegrant that combines both strong disintegration functionality with desirable characteristics regarding organoleptics and storage behavior. In addition, we also offer disintegration solutions for orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) that require immediate disintegration in the saliva – including our ready and easy-to-use co-processed Ludiflash®.

    BASF choice of disintegrants offers
    highly efficient disintegration
    the right particle for your size of dosage form


    BASF Pharma solutions for Orally Disintegrating Tablets

    ODTs are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. For the consumer or patient, they offer a much more convenient administration, while healthcare companies can use them to differentiate their offer by creating line extensions. In this webinar you will learn about three approaches to develop an ODT – direct compression, granulation & tableting and ready-to-use - and the pros and cons they offer. We will provide guidance on how to choose the right approach for your project, and will support this with a case study as well as an in-depth look at the selection of specific formulation components.