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    Lubricants for solid oral dosage forms – functional solutions from BASF

    Lubricants are used to prevent clumping within and adhesion to the machinery during the production of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. BASF offers a comprehensive range of lubricants, particularly for sensitive active ingredients.

    Lubricants play an important role in the mass production of tablets. Without lubrication, granules to be compressed to tablets often tend to stick to the tabletting equipment, particularly the punches, leading to disruptions of the process. This increases maintainance, reduces capacity and ultimately increases cost. Against this backdrop, lubricants are commonly used to ensure a smooth tablet production.

    BASF offers you a comprehensive range of lubricants with different characteristics. Whether you need a hydrophilic or lipophilic lubricant – we offer a selection within both categories. And with Kolliwax® SA (stearyl alcohol), we offer the first choice lubricant when it comes to sensitive active ingredients.

    Lubricants from BASF
    Hydrophilic & lipophilic options for all types of tablets
    Selection of lubricants particularly suitable for sensitive active ingredients
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