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    Matrices & fillers – our functional solutions

    When it comes to providing structure or simply volume to solid oral dosage forms, matrices and fillers are used. BASF offer specific highly functional matrix formers as well as a selection of ready-to-use tablet and ODT bases that include filler and all other necessary components.

    In the area of Instant & Modified Release, the common application for matrices is to create a sustained release profile for the active ingredient. In this approach, the drug is embedded in an insoluble matrix out of which it can steadily migrate throughout its passage through the body. Kollidon® SR and Kollicoat® SR 30 D are our leading sustained release matrix formers providing an extensive design space for your desired relase profile. Increases your options with our extensive range of pore formers.

    In the area of fillers, we offer you a selection of co-processed, multifunctional ready-to-use solutions that will allow you to create a range of solid dosage forms without having to invest and engage in own development.

    When time to market and trusted quality is key, you can rely on the following products:

    • Ludipress® for tablets
    • Ludipress® LCE for lozenges, chewables & effervescents as well as
    • Ludiflash® for orally disintegrating tablets
    Benefit from our specialized solutions for matrices and ready-to-use bases
    Extensive design space for sustained release matrices
    Ready-to-use bases for tablets, lozenges, chewables, effervescents
    Trusted functionality for your immediate formulation development