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    Plasticizers for coating formulations – functional solutions from BASF

    In pharmaceutical coatings, plasticizers are used to allow initial film forming and to achieve the right amount of film flexibility to avoid cracking and peel-off. We offer you a comprehensive selection of pharma plasticizers with trusted functional performance.

    Plasticizers are a common requirement for many pharmaceutical coatings. Except for 3rd-generation coating polymers like Kollicoat® IR, where the plasticizer is already integrated into the molecule structure, a plasticizer is added to the coating spray formulation to achieve the right film flexibility.

    Primary targets of plasticizing process

    Why plasticizers from BASF?
    Wide selection for your formulation flexibility
    Trusted functional performance

    The plasticizing process aims at two primary targets:

    • It reduces the glass transition temperature of the film forming polymer to allow the coating process to take place at reasonable temperatures.
    • It prevents cracks in and consequent peel-off of the film during storage, which would harm both its functionality and its appeal to the patient.