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    Pore Forming

    Pore formers are typically used to create a certain amount of diffusion through an insoluble coating of a tablet, pellet or particle to achieve a sustained release profile. BASF offers a whole range of pore formers that can be used to tune sustained drug release in almost endless ways.

    When a sustained drug release profile is developed, a common way to achieve it is the combination of an insoluble coating (i.e. made from Kollicoat® SR 30 D) with a soluble pore former. While the coat itself will remain intact throughout its passage, the pore former will dissolve at the targetet point in the body, allowing the active ingredient in the core to diffuse out of the dosage form. In this context, there are key parameters relevant to design the release profile to the exact need:

    • The more the pore former is used, the more pores the coat will have. The speed of the drug release will consequently increase.
    • If a pH-independent soluble pore former like Kollidon® 30 or Kollicoat® IR is used, the drug release will commence as soon as the dosage form reaches the stomach. If an enteric pore former like Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP or Kollicoat® MAE 100 P is used, the pores will not open until the dosage form reaches the intestines, creating a sustained-release profile tailored to the intestinal tract.
    A comprehensive range of pore formers from BASF
    Full design flexibility for your sustained release formulation
    Sustained release solutions for hydrophilic drugs
    Various pore formers to choose from, ensuring drug compatibility

    It represents a particular challenge to formulate hydrophilic drugs in a sustained release dosage form. Here we offer intelligent formulation solutions based on liphophilic pore formers like Kolliwax® HCO, or by applying well-known physiochemical concepts like thermal sintering, to establish sustained release using a combination of Kollicoat® SR 30 D and Kolliwax® S Fine.