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    Kollicoat® IR is one of our true multitalents for instant release

    As instant release film former, Kollicoat® IR combines exceptional coating quality with simple, robust processing. As wet binder, it combines powerful binding with no peroxides at all. And all those characteristics also make it a great pore former for sustained release formulations.

    Kollicoat® IR is a robust yet flexible polyvinyl alcohol/polyethylene glycol graft copolymer. This water-soluble film-forming agent is ideal for manufacturing instant-release coatings for solid dosage forms – and for applications such as binding, pore forming and drug layering. Kollicoat® IR’s high pigment-loading capacity makes the spraying process easier and faster. And because dispersions made using Kollicoat® IR have low viscosity despite their high solids content, coating can be significantly accelerated. The result? Highly reliable, cost-effective processes that produce first-class results every time.

    Kollicoat® IR - Powerful binder. No peroxide formation.

    Kollicoat® IR is not only a perfect solution for instant release film-coating – it can be also used for various other applications. As wet binder, it provides high binding efficiency. Due to its low viscosity values in aqueous solutions, easy processing in a vast process parameter range is assured. Furthermore, Kollicoat®IR does not contain or form any peroxides along the life time of a pharmaceutical product.

    Why choose Kollicoat® IR?
    Highly flexible film thanks to
    integrated plasticizer
    High pigment-loading capacity
    Easy to formulate and
    For rapid, cost-efficient


    • Binding performance comparable to PVP, superior to HPMC
    • Easy processing due to low viscosity in solution
    • No peroxide formation at any time

    Technical information

    Kollicoat® IR - Technical Information

    Polyvinyl alcohol-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer for instant-release coatings and quick-dissolving formulations


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