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    Kollicream® CP 15

      Kollicream® CP15 is a mixture of fatty acids and esters that meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia, particularly containing 10-20% cetyl palmitate. Due to its higher melting point it can be used as a viscosity building agent in semi-solid creams, lotions and oils. Kollicream® CP15 is supplied in the form of white, coarse pellets. Though naturally found in high concentrations in spermaceti from Sperm Whales and in stony corals, our cetyl palmitate is synthesized from plant-derived oils only. Kollicream® CP 15 can be used as emollient and solvent for lipophilic drugs in emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams.

    Why use Kollicream® CP15
    High melting point lipidic emollient
    Improves moisture retention in compromised skin
    Very mild and non-irritating to skin

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    Technical Information

    Kollicream® CP 15 - Technical Information


    Mildness of Dermal Excipients as Determined by In Vivo Clinical Patch Tests


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