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    Kollicream® IPM

    A fast spreading emollient with broad penetration enhancement properties for lipophilic APIs

    Kollicream® IPM is a clear, colorless, mostly odorless oil which is an excellent choice for emolliency and topical delivery, which can be used to solubilize lipophilic actives. It is manufactured by the esterification of isopropanol and myristic acid and is well known as a skin penetration enhancer. As a result of this process, the product has no detectable residual catalysts. The fast speading emollient creates a fresh and light feeling.

    Kollicream® IPM can be used for emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams and is suitable as skin penetration enhancer and solvent for lipophilic drugs in transdermal patch applications. Additionally, Kollicream® IPM functions as solubilizer for lipophilic actives in the formulation of suppositories.

    Why use Kollicream® IPM
    Well-known skin penetration enhancer with demonstrated mildness and non-irritancy on highly sensitive patients
    An excellent choice for emolliency and topical delivery, due to its rapid spreading ability and fresh and light feeling
    No detectable residual catalysts
    Can be used as a carrier for some topical treatments
    Suitable for transdermal patches and suppository

    Kollicream® IPM - Technical Information

    Product Overview

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