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    Kollicream® OA

      A medium spreading emollient with penetration enhancement properties, and a potential solvent for lipophilic solvents

      Kollicream® OA is a clear, almost odorless polar oil produced by the hydrogenation of fatty acids and oils from palm and palm kernel oil. Primarily, it can be used as an emollient oil, able to penetrate the skin and disorder stratum coreum lipid organizations; thereby enhancing dermal drug delivery. It can also be used as a drug solubilizer and penetration enhancer in topical products (emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams) and transdermal patches.

      Our Kollicream® types can be used as emollient in creams and lotions. This high performance emollient offers incredible flexibility and efficiency for topical drug delivery systems, allowing you to adapt variables such as spreading value, molecular weight, or water permeability in line with your needs. With their moisture retention effect, fattening and re-fattening power, these topical excipients are able to care and protect the skin. Within the formulation they also have an impact on the consistency and appearance of the cream or lotion.

    Why use Kollicream® OA
    Medium spreading emollient with penetration enhancement properties
    Can act as a solvent for lipophilic APIs
    Ideal for topical semi-solids and transdermal patches

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