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    Kollicream® OD

    A medium spreading non-ester emollient which is stable against acid and base hydrolysis and provides good skin penetration

    Kollicream® OD is a clear, odorless oil of low polarity which spreads moderately fast on the skin surface, or used as an effective emollient. In addition, it can be used to rapidly plasticize and soften chapped or compromised skin and lips. It can also aid in the penetration of actives. Kollicream® OD can be used for emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams and demonstrates a superior stability at low and high pH ranges. Additionally, Kollicream® OD is suitable as a potential solubilizer of lipophilic APIs and penetration enhancer in suppository applications.

    Kollicream® OD - Technical Information

    Why use Kollicream® OD
    Superior stability at low and high pH ranges
    Effective emollient with low polarity and moderate spreadability
    Ideal to rapidly plasticize and soften chapped or compromised skin and lips
    Suitable for use as solubilizer and penetration enhancer in suppositories

    Product Overview

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