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    Kollidon® 90 F – The strongest binder on the market

      A highly effective binder, for use as a stabilizer in oral and topical suspensions, as a thickener, and as a hydrophilizing agent or pore-forming agent in medical plastics.

      Kollidon® 90 F is a soluble high-molecular povidone with highest binding properties within the povidone range. Kollidon® 90 F is the strongest wet-granulation binder on the market. Primarily used as a binder in granules and tablets, it can also be deployed to modify the viscosity of liquid dosage forms, and improve bioavailability of certain poorly soluble actives.

      The adhesive, film-forming, dispersing and thickening properties of the soluble Kollidon® grades are used in tablet production, sugar coating, film coating and in the preparation of other dosage forms. The improvement in the solubility of active ingredients brought about by complexation or association, and the thickening effect find use mainly in the manufacture of liquid presentation forms.

    Kollidon® 90 F – The strongest wet-granulation binder on the market
    Consistently high quality for reliable performance and formulation stability
    Suitable for the direct compression of tablets without granulation
    High molecular povidone with a broad range of applications

    Major Applications of Kollidon® 90F

    • Tablet binding

        When applied for granulation in high shear mixers or fluid-bed granulators the resulting granules with Kollidon® 90 F are hard, freeflowing with a low proportion of fines. Binding strength is excellent to achieve hard and stable tablets. As Kollidon® 90 F has a higher binding capacity the required quantities are 2% or even less. The high viscosity of binder solutions of Kollidon® 90 F sometimes requires precautions to ensure the granules to be evenly wetted.

        Kollidon® 90 F are also suitable for the direct compression of tablets without granulation. This technique requires a certain relative humidity, as the powder mixture must have a certain moisture content to bind properly. If Kollidon® 90 F is used in addition to microcrystalline cellulose, it not only makes the tablets harder but also gives them stronger edges. For best results in direct compression, all the excipients should have a certain moisture content. This applies to starch, micro-crystalline cellulose and lactose monohydrate as fillers.

        Kollidon® 90 F is also suitable as a binder for modern processes such as fluidized-bed granulation.


        Because of its good solubility in water and alcohol, Kollidon® 90 F can be used as a thickener for aqueous-alcoholic solutions for oral application.

      Stabilizers of suspensions

        Kollidon® 90 F can be used to stabilize oral and topical suspensions with a wide range of active ingredients, e. g. acyclovir, ibuprofen, magaldrate, nystatin, phenytoin, trimethoprim, sulfonamides and antibiotics, as well as sugar-coating suspensions. Combinations of Kollidon® 90 F with Kollidon® CL-M have often given very good results.

      Food products

        In 1995, soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone (povidone) with k-values of 25 and higher was assigned Europe number E 1201 for use in dietetic tablets, e. g. vitamin and dietaryfibre tablets, and in sweeteners.

      Miscellaneous applications

        Apart from the applications described above, the soluble grades of Kollidon® 90 F can be used for the following purposes:

        • Adhesives in adhesive gels, e. g. for dentures
        • Stabilization of nitroglycerin in transdermal systems
        • In controlled release preparations and transdermal systems to regulate the release of active substances
        • Hydrophilization and pore formation in plastics for medical applications, e. g. “hollow fibres”
        • Reduction of the toxicity of certain active substances
        • Cryoprotection, lyophilisation
        • Enzyme stabilization, e. g. in diagnostics
        • Vitamin stabilization

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