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    Kollidon® CL-M

    Kollidon® CL-M is used as a stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions and to improve the drug release characteristics of tablets, capsules or granules. Our disintegrant with micronized particles, delivers a slight disintegration functionality when used as binder. The crosspovidone is also used as pore former in some formulations.

    Kollidon® CL-M is an inert material for stabilization of oral or topical suspensions. It achieves this effect by increasing the volume of the sediment and reducing its sedimentation rate. It makes it easier to redisperse the sediment by shaking without increasing the viscosity of the dispersion; it also prevents the formulation of a cake (anticaking-effect). Cakes are difficult to redisperse in a suspension.

    The insoluble grades of Kollidon® (Crospovidone) are manufactured by a polymerization process that yields crosslinked insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone in the form of a “popcorn” polymer. The polymerisation is performed using an aqueous system. Neither organic solvents nor radical starters are involved at any stage.

    Kollidon® CL-M – The suspension stabilizer
    Stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions
    Improvement of drug release characteristics of tablets, capsules and granules
    Particularily suitable for small tables, granules and pellets
    Micronized grade with finest particles

    The insoluble Kollidon® CL-grades possess a number of useful properties for pharmaceutical products.

    • Improvement of tablet disintegration through predictable swelling without gel-formation
    • Swelling properties paired with particle size distribution make the fine Kollidon® CL-grades work efficiently in fast disintegrating formulations
    • In contrast to other disintegrants the Kollidon® grades improve the release and the bioavailability of drugs through complex formation
    • Kollidon® grades feature selective adsorption of polyphenols by complex formation
    • Kollidon® grades feature selective complex formation with some endotoxins
    • As a hydrophilic polymer Kollidon® CL-M stabilizes suspensions – due to its water adsorption properties Kollidon® grades act as stabilizers of water sensitive compounds in sold dosage forms, e.g. in vitamin formulations

    PVP (Polyvinyl pyrrolidone) – An all-round talent with tradition

    PVP has a long tradition at BASF and is one of the most interesting and versatile polymers used in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Technical information

    Insoluble Kollidon® grades - Technical Information

    Crospovidone as excipient for the pharmaceutical industry


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    Application Guide

    Kollidon® Polyvinylpyrrolidone excipients for the pharmaceutical industry

    This book is intended for all persons in pharmaceutical technology and quality control of drugs.