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    Kollidon® SR

    Direct Compression Sustained Release

    Kollidon® SR is a polyvinyl acetate and povidone based matrix retarding agent. It is particularly suitable for manufacturing of pH-independent sustained-release matrix tablets by direct compression or hot melt extrusion. Polyvinyl acetate is a very plastic material that produces a coherent matrix even under low compression forces. When the tablets are introduced into gastric or intestinal fluid, the water soluble povidone is leached out to form pores through which the active ingredient slowly diffuses outwards. Kollidon® SR contains no ionic groups and is therefore inert to drug substances. The sustained-release properties are unaffected by ions or salts.

    Why choose Kollidon® SR?
    First choice to create non-erodible matrices using direct compression
    Suitable for hot melt extrusion

    PVP (Polyvinyl pyrrolidone) – An all-round talent with tradition

    PVP has a long tradition at BASF and is one of the most interesting and versatile polymers used in the pharmaceutical industry.


    Controlled Release: A New Paradigm with Polyvinyl Acetate Polymer

    Controlled release (CR) has been a subject of continued interest, and the pharma industry is taking a closer look into release profiles of drugs because of risk factors associated with early release (dose dumping) before being delivered to intended sites to achieve the desired efficacy, and to overcome toxicity and drug abuse issues. The latter has become more challenging, especially in controlled delivery of opioids in pain management. Nonetheless, the former one is also poorly understood because of complexity associated with the mechanism of controlled release from a particular dosage.

    Technical information

    Kollidon® SR - Technical Information

    Direct Compression Sustained Release


    Effect of preparation method on release behavior of Kollidon® SR tablets – hot melt extrusion versus direct compression.

    This study was designed to investigate the application of melt extrusion of Kollidon® SR for the manufacturing of controlled release tablets and to compare the preparation method with direct compression.


    Kollidon® SR Based Alcohol-Induced Dose-Dumping Resistant Matrix Tablets

    The aim of this study is to investigated the suitability of Kollidon ® SR for manufacturing sustained release solid oral dosage forms of APIs requiring alcohol induced dose-dumping resistance.

    Application Guide

    Hot Melt Extrusion with BASF Pharma Polymers - Compendium, 2nd and Enlarged Edition

    Hot Melt Extrusion with BASF Pharma Polymers - Extrusion Compendium, 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition


    Alcohol-Induced Dose Dumping Resistant Matrix Tablets with Kollidon®

    The purpose of this study is to investigated the suitability of Kollidon® SR in combination with polymers of different chemistry for manufacturing of sustained release solid oral dosage forms of APIs required alcohol induced dose-dumping resistance.