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    Kolliphor® CS 20

    A non-ionic emulsifier with good sensory properties; stable with acidic, basic and ionic excipients

    Kolliphor® CS 20 is a white, wax-like, non-ionic emulsifier with mild odor; prepared by the ethoxylation of cetyl (C16) and stearyl (C18) alcohols. Delivered in pellet form, it is used widely for pharmaceutical oil-in-water emulsions and delivers good sensory properties during product application. The final product has 20 ethoxy groups which form the hydrophilic portion of the surfactant structure. Kolliphor® CS 20 is suitable for emulsions & creams as well as foams. It can be formulated in hot processes and phase inversion technology (PIT) and is stable with a broad pH range.

    Why use Kolliphor® CS 20
    Shows good sensory properties when formulated into creams and lotions
    Suitable for hot processes and phase inversion technology
    Stable with acidic, basic and ionic excipients
    Widely used as a mild, non-ionic emulsifier for pharmaceutical oil-in-water emulsions

    Technical Information

    Kolliphor® CS 20 – Technical Information

    Kolliphor® grades - emulsifiers for topical application

    Product Overview

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    This brochure presents an overview of our leading-edge products, grouped in the following platforms: Skin Delivery, Solubilization, Instant & Modified Release, and Softgels.


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