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    Kolliphor® CS A

    An easy-to-use, self-bodying cream base

    Kolliphor® CS A is a mixture of cetyl (C16) and stearyl (C18) fatty alcohols and an anionic emulsifier with a faint characteristic odor. Supplied in the form of pellets, it can form a simple cream or lotion base. It is a self-emulsifying system that builds its own consistency and viscosity due to the interaction of the emulsifier, water and fatty alcohols. Kolliphor® CS A is suitable for hot processes and can be used for creams and emulsions.

    Why use Kolliphor® CS A?
    Convenient and easy-to-use cream base
    Self-emulsifying system building its own consistency and viscosity
    Enables many ingredients (or APIs) to be stably dispersed