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    Kolliphor® ELP

    Kolliphor® ELP is a non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier and/or solubilizer for sensitive active ingredients

    Kolliphor® ELP, a purified grade of Kolliphor® EL was specially developed for sensitive active ingredients, as the higher purity was found to improve their stability. It is used as a non-ionic oil-in-water emulsifier and/or solubilizer. This established product demonstrates very good compatibility with other ingredients, and can be used with fat-soluble vitamins and essential oils, or as a purified solubilizer in paclitaxel formulations. Kolliphor® ELP is particularly well suited to parenteral dosage forms, as it increases stability of injectable formulations.

    Why choose Kolliphor® ELP?
    Widely used and fully approved solubilizer
    Very good compatibility with other ingredients
    Purified solubilizer for paclitaxel formulations
    Special grade for parenteral dosage forms