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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Kolliphor® P407 micro

    Kolliphor® P407 micro

    Effective solubilization and perfect content uniformity in blends used in melt-granulation, hot-melt extrusion or for making tablets, ideal for direct compression.

    In recent years an increasing number of poorly soluble substances have been developed. This requires the addition of solubilizers in order to make those substances bioavailable. As solid oral dosage forms are the preferred formulation, solubilizers are required with special galenical properties.

    Poloxamers such as Kolliphor® P are compounds with a long history of use in the field of solubilization that have excellent properties. Kolliphor® P micro grades are micronized poloxamers working as solubilization agents. A special micronization process is applied to achieve superior properties. Kolliphor® P micro grades can be used in several pharmaceutical application fields:

    • dissolution enhancer for actives in tablets and capsules
    • lubricant for actives incompatible with magnesium stearate, i.e. ibuprofen
    • polishing agent for film-coated tablets
    • dispersing / wetting agent
    • water soluble lubricants, i.e. for effervescent tablets
    Why use Kolliphor® micro grades?
    Effective solubilization and increased bioavailability and elimination of dumping
    Low toxicity
    Average particle size within the same range as for active ingredients which result in homogenous mixtures for granulation or tabletting
    Robust production process compatibility of the active ingredient and excipient
    No need for micronization of active ingredients for better solubility

    Due to the low average particle size that is in the same range as for active ingredients a direct blending with the active is possible with a low tendency of demixing. This allows a very cost- and time-saving production.

    In solid dosage forms the micoprilled product Kolliphor® P 407 micro has been successfully formulated. It is soluble in water, alcohol and other solvents.