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    Kolliphor® PS 20

    A non-ionic, hydrophilic emulsifier, co-emulsifier and solubilizer for pharmaceutical preparations like emulsions and creams, gels and foams as well as softgels

    Polysorbates are a class of emulsifiers used in some pharmaceuticals and food preparation. They are non-ionic surfactants and emulsifiers derived from polyethoxylated sorbitan and stearic or oleic acid. Polysorbates are mainly used as a solubilizer, emulsifier or suspension stabilizer for pharmaceutical application. Depending on the HLB value of the product they can either act as solubilzer or emulsifier.

    Why choose Kolliphor® PS 20?
    Suitable for use as solubilzer, emulsifier or skin penetration enhancer
    Broad pH range
    Good skin tolerance
    Fully approved – quality you can trust

    Application of Kolliphor® PS 20

    Solubilizer: Kolliphor® PS 20 is its high HLB value more suitable as a solubilizer of poorly water soluble drug substances in either liquid or solid dosage forms. It is suitable for usage in physical mixing, melt granulation, spray drying and hot melt extrusion processes. Kolliphor® PS 20 can also be used as solubilizer in softgel formulations.

    Emulsifier: Kolliphor® PS 20 is suitable as non-ionic emulsifier in O/W emulsions.

    Skin Penetration Enhancer: Kolliphor® PS 20 is also used as skin penetration enhancer.