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    Kolliphor® SLS

    A widely used ionic solubilizer & and high HLB anionic emulsifier that is suitable for application in liquid dispersions, solutions, emulsions and micro emulsions to formulate tablets, foams and semi-solids such as creams, lotions and gels

    Kolliphor® SLS, is manufactured by sulfation of the corresponding fatty alcohol of natural origin and subsequent neutralization with sodium hydroxide. The excipient is characterized by a very high active substance matter and a very low content of inorganic salts and unsulfated fatty alcohols. Kolliphor® SLS is extremely efficient throughout the tableting process by assisting in drug dissolution and aiding water uptake during disintegration of the end formulation.

    Multiple functionalities for solid and semi-solid dosage forms

    Solubilizer and emulsifier

    Kolliphor® SLS can be used as a solubilizer to enhance the solubility of poorly soluble APIs in both solid and liquid oral dosage forms. Kolliphor® SLS grades are also suitable for semi solid dosage forms like creams, lotions and gels. Moreover, sodium lauryl sulfate is very broadly used in oral care formulations. Kolliphor® SLS can be used in physical mixing, melt granulation, spray drying and hot melt extrusion processes.

    Wetting agent in tableting

    Due to improved wettability of the tablet, Kolliphor® SLS can reduce tablet disintegration time.






    Kolliphor® SLS can be used as tablet lubricant if standard lubricants (i.e. magnesium stearate) are incompatible with the formulation. As lubricant the typical usage concentration of Kolliphor® SLS is 2%.



    Why use Kolliphor® SLS?
    Extremely efficient excipient throughout the tableting process
    Widely used ionic solubilizer and high HLB anionic emulsifier
    Additionally suitable as wetting agent or lubricant
    Suitable for solid, semi-solid dosage forms and foams