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    Kollisolv® GTA

    Kollisolv® GTA is as a hydrophilic plasticizer in both, aqueous and solvent based polymeric coating of capsules, tablets and granules. Also used as a solubilizer and solvent as well as a humectant.

    Kollisolv® GTA is mainly used as a solvent and as a solubilizer in pharmaceutical applications. It can be used in solution, liquid-suspension and lipid-based drug delivery system technologies. As versatile water or oil miscible solvent it is suitable for formulation of emulsions & creams, gels and foams. Moreover, Kollisolv® GTA can be used as solvent or polymer film plasticizer for transdermal patches. As liquid plasticizer is also suitable for softgel capsule formulations. For solid oral dosage forms it can be used as plasticizer in film coating of tablets. In semi-solid formulations it is also used regularly as a humectant.

    Why choose Kollisolv®?
    Exclusively pharmaceutical-grade premium solvents
    Highest standards in line with cGMP – guaranteeing you a premium product every time

    Kollisolv® GTA (Triacetin) is a clear, colorless, slightly viscous oily liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Triacetin is a trimester of glycerol and acetic acid.