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    Kollisolv® PG

    Manufactured under cGMP, Kollisolv® PG (1,2-propyleneglycol) can used across a wide range of applications, i.e. as plasticizer, solvent or co-solvent, stabilizer, or as carrier for emulsifiers.

    Kollisolv® PG is manufactured in line with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP, according to ICH Q7A guideline) as a high purity grade. It is therefore suitable for any approved application. Kollisolv® PG is used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations:

    • As a preservative
    • As a carrier for emulsifiers and as a vehicle for flavours
    • As an extractant for active principles from natural products
    • As a plasticizer in aqueous film-coating formulations
    • As a solvent or co-solvent for a wide variety of active ingredients
    • As a solvent and stabilizer in vitamin formulations
    Benefits of Kollisolv® PG
    High purity premium solvent
    Suitable for a large variety of applications

    Product Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

    This brochure presents an overview of our leading-edge products, grouped in the following platforms: Solubilization, Skin Delivery, Instant and Modified Release, and Softgels.

    Technical Information

    Kollisolv® PG - Technical Information

    Polyethylene Glycol


    Investigating the influence of various plasticizers on the properties of isolated films of polyvinyl acetate

    This investigation is intended to consider the suitability of three different plasticizers: polyethylene glycol 6000, 1,2-propylene glycol (Kollisolv® PG) and triethyl citrate.


    Dissolution rate improvement of poorly water soluble drugs using hydrophilic fluids and highly porous materials

    The objective was to investigate the dissolution behaviour and the physical state of indomethacin, nifedipine and carbamazepine in 2-pyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol 400 (Kollisolv® PEG 400) and propylene glycol (Kollisolv® PG) upon binding on highly porous materials like Aerosil and Kollidon® CL-M.


    Comparing various plasticizers regarding their effect on methacrylic acid/ethyl acrylate copolymer

    This work was inteded to compare the impact of 7 hydrophilic and 3 lipophilic plasticizers on the characteristics of a MAE-based coating formulations. In this regard, glass transistion temperature, elasticity of isolated films, water up-take of films and cores as well as the dissolution characteristics were tested.