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    Kollisolv® PYR

    Solvent for injectables and oral formulations for animal health.

    Kollisolv® PYR is approved for the use in veterinary medicines. The product is mainly used as a solvent for intravenous applications or topical preparations. It has also been suggested for use in human pharmaceutical formulations as solvent in parenteral, oral, and topical applications. In topical applications, Kollisolv® PYR appears to be effective penetration enhancer. Pyrrolidone has also been investigated for their application in controlled-release depot formulations.

    Kollisolv® PYR is a colorless or slightly colored liquid, which solidifies at room temperature and has a characteristic odor. It is soluble in water and a number of organic solvents, i.e. ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and aromatic hydrocarbons. Solutions of Kollisolv® PYR in water of up to 50% have a viscosity of no more than 4 m Pa.

    Benefits of Kollisolv® PYR
    Approved solvent for veterinary use in injectables & oral formulations
    Versatile solvent with broad miscibility for topical application
    Rigorously tested – ensuring exceptional quality

    Kollisolv® PYR shows strong antimicrobial effectiveness against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and moulds. This results in additional preservation of the application formulation possibly no longer being necessary.

    Major applications


    Kollisolv® PYR is used in veterinary injection preparations as a solvent together with water and/or in combination with low molecular polyvinylpyrrolidone (Kollidon® 12 PF or Kollidon® 17 PF). Likewise it suggests itself for use in solutions for oral application.


    A number of scientific publications describe the application of Kollisolv® PYR as absorption enhancer in topical preparations. The penetration of active ingredients through the human skin is markedly increased by Kollisolv® PYR and/or accelerated to the same extend as by dimethyl sulphoxide, dimethyl isosorbide or dimethyl acetamide or even more markedly than by means of dimethyl formamide. This effect is also described for transdermal systems and for the transmucosal application.

    Product Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

    This brochure presents an overview of our leading-edge products, grouped in the following platforms: Solubilization, Skin Delivery, Instant and Modified Release, and Softgels.

    Technical Information

    Kollisolv® PYR - Technical Information

    Pyrrollidone as a solvent for the pharmaceutical industry


    Testing of different substances for their dermal penetration enhancement

    Over the past years, transdermal or dermal drug delivery has been gaining more and more interest by manufacturers. In this context, for facilitated drug penetration across the skin barrier, the stratum corneum, the search for substances with penetration enhancement properties is intensified. On the other hand, for cosmetic preparations, a reduction of the penetration of substances, e.g. light protection filters is desirable. For this purpose five substances (i.e. Kollisolv® PYR and Kolliphor® RH 40) were tested for their influence on the penetration behavior of a lipophilic model drug, flufenamic acid, in excised human skin.