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    Kolliwax® CSA 50

    A fatty alcohol mixture, preferred for its stability in emulsion formulations

    Kolliwax® CSA 50 is a white to pale-yellow, wax-like, 50:50 blend of cetyl and stearyl alcohol; supplied as free-flowing micro pearls. With a raw material base of coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, and/or palm stearine, it functions as an O/W co-emulsifier and structure-building consistency factor for lotion and cream formulations. Kolliwax® CSA 50 is suitable for emulsions & creams, ointments, gels and foams. It is also a viscosity regulator and is used in suppository masses.

    Why use Kolliwax® CSA 50?
    Compatible with most natural vegetable and animal waxes
    Can be used in combination with fatty alcohols and other consistency factors
    Creates a more stable matrix, when formulated with emulsifier and water
    Slightly broader melting point window than Kolliwax® CA and Kolliwax® SA
    Its superior manufacturing process results in improved efficiency and higher purity
    Low HLB

    Technical Information

    Kolliwax® CSA 50 – Technical Information

    Kolliwax® grades: consistency factors for topical pharmaceutical application and excipient for oral solid dosage forms

    Product Overview

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