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    Kolliwax® S Fine

    Used for various oral solid as well as semi-solid dosage forms: It can be used as a lubricant in oral dosage forms, matrix forming agent in sustained-release dosage forms, emulsifying and solubilizing agent in topical formulations and hardening agent in glycerin suppositories. Kolliwax® S Fine is particularly suitable for sensitive APIs.

    Major Applications


    Lubricants prevent ingredients from clumping together and from sticking to the tablet punches or capsule filling machine. Lubricants also ensure that tablet formulation and ejection can occur with low friction.

    Common minerals like silica or talk, and fats, i.e. vegetable stearin, magnesium stearate or stearic acid are the most frequently used lubricants in tablets or hard gelatin capsules. Lubricants are added in small quantities to tablet and capsule formulations to improve certain processing characteristics.

    In tablet formulations, Kolliwax® S Fine can be used as a lubricant as an effective alternative to magnesium stearate. Stearic acid is compatible to a large number of actives and does not provide a metallic taste. When used as lubricant Kolliwax® S Fine is blended to granular phase. The selection of the grade depends on formulation properties.

    For film coating applications, Kolliwax® S Fine can be dispersed into hot (~60 C) aqueous solutions of hydroxypropoylmethylcellulose (HPMC). MCC can be added to further reduce water vapor transmission rate of the film. As a matrix former in sustained release tablets the use of 8-20% of Kolliwax® S Fine is recommended.

    Why choose Kolliwax® S Fine?
    Fully approved, pharmaceutical-grade excipient – for your peace of mind
    Compatible to a large number of actives
    Guaranteed performance across a wide variety of applications
    Particularly suitable for sensitive APIs
    Effective alternative to magnesium stearate as lubricant
    No metallic taste development

    Film coatings

    Kolliwax® S Fine can also be used as moisture protective component for coating films together with hydroxypropoylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC).

    In combination with Kollicoat® SR 30 D, Kolliwax® S Fine creates sustained release profiles.

    Suppository mass

    Suppository formulation containing high amount of glycerol can be hardened by the addition of Kolliwax® S Fine.


    Kolliwax® S Fine can be used as a consistency factor and co-emulsifier in topical pharmaceutical applications. The typical concentration in emulsions and creams is about 1-5%. As a structure-building consistency factor with dry feel it forms a crystalline barrier on skin.

    Softgels formulations

    For softgel formulations Kolliwax® S Fine can be used as emulsifying, viscosity enhancer and solubilizing agent or as solid lubricant for capsules shells.


    Thermal Sintering for Controlled Drug Release of Hydrophilic Drugs

    Proper drug release of high-dose hydrophilic drugs is a challenge for formulators since both the initial drug burst release, as well as the consequent sustained release, need to be controlled. Excipients can provide an answer to drug release challenges when their hydrophobic nature is coupled with thermal sintering. This approach intensifies the retardation of drug release by forming plastic matrices of high mechanical strength, which can withstand dose dumping and achieve controlled release. In this webcast, a formulation expert will: - Discuss BASF’s Kolliwax grades and their suitability for thermal sintering - Describe  how high-dose hydrophilic actives were selected to demonstrate the efficacy of thermal sintering (60-65% w/w) using Kolliwax grades - Present processing parameters to enable customers to reproduce controlled drug release of hydrophilic drugs using thermal sintering