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    Kolliwax® SA

    Why choose Kolliwax® SA?
    Fully approved pharmaceutical-grade excipient – for your peace of mind
    Pasticizer with included consistency factor functionality
    Lipophilic lubricant and the first choice for sensitive acidic APIs
    Viscosity regulator with a higher melting point
    Guaranteed performance across a wide variety of applications
    Innovative solutions for better, more stable formulations

    Major Applications of Kolliwax® SA

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    Optimizing Topical Semi-Solid Drug Formulation and Performance


    The Relationship Between Critical Quality Attributes and the Microstructure of Topical Semi-Solid Formulations

    Webinar (on demand)

    Thermal Sintering for Controlled Drug Release of Hydrophilic Drugs


    New formulas for successful drug delivery - Hot-melt extrusion for enhanced solubility and bioavailability

    Portfolio Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

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