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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Liquid Dispersions, Solutions & Emulsions

    Liquid Dispersions, Solutions & Emulsions for solubility enhancement – with functional solutions from BASF

      A common way to improve the solubility of active ingredients is to formulate them in a liquid form – i.e. dispersion, solution, suspension or emulsion. Although each approach has its differences, they all share the need for functional excipients. BASF offers a comprehensive range of trusted functional excipients to make them work.

      Next to our extensive expertise in solid dispersions, we offer a comprehensive range of functional excipients used for liquid dispersions, solutions, suspension and emulsions. Whether you are looking for solubilizer, a crystallization inhibitor, a thickener or simply a solvent, we always offer a broad range of choices that gives you both

      • probability to find the right functional excipient for your drug providing the best solubilization - no matter whether it will be a polymer, a solubilizer or another functional solution;
      • sufficient freedom to make your own choice for your drug and its formulation;
    Benefit from our expertise in drug solubilization & bioavailability enhancement
    Comprehensive portfolio of functional excipients for liquid & lipid formulations
    Trusted functional performance