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    Novata® (Hard Fats)

    The best option for suppository masses or solid compositions

    Novata® is a line of four hard fat products that are a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 fatty acid chains bonded to a glycerol molecule through an ester linkage. The material is supplied as white to almost white brittle waxy pellets. Novata® grade material may be utilized as a matrix for suppositories, and to dissolve active ingredients and other excipients in a greasy or waxy base. Our Novata® products offer a variety of typical melting point ranges: Novata® B 33.5° C, Novata® BC 33.0 – 34.5° C, Novata® BD 33.5 – 35.5° C, and Novata® BCF 35 - 37° C.

    Apart from suppository manufacturing, solid triglycerides (hard fats) are used as carriers in inlets, ointments and creams and in dental products. In topical formulations they can act as a sensory enhancer, because of their low melting point. Our Novata® products can also be used as matrix and viscosity enhancers for capsule fills in soft gels.

    Why use Novata®?
    Offers a range of melting points and properties for formulating flexibility
    Can be added to oil phases to modify the emollient or sensory properties of topical semi-solid emulsions
    Best option for suppository masses or solid compositions

    Technical Information

    Novata® Grades - Technical Information

    Hard Fats for Suppository Masses