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    Physical Mixing

      BASF offers a broad portfolio of functional excipients suitable for physical mixing processes.

      By this BASF reached a milestone as such formulation reach a sufficient bioavailability enhancement at a much better risk profile. As the drug can remain in its crystalline state, there is no risk of re-crystallisation in solid state. Furthermore there is no risk of changing dissolution profiles due to relaxation issues as they are known from amorphous solid dispersionsTalk to us about how BASF can help you enhancing your drug’s bioavailability at a lowest possible formulation risk profile.

    Broad portfolio of functional excipients suitable for physical mixing processes
    Deep expertise in bioavailability and solubility enhancement of drugs
    Pioneer in hot melt extrusion processes

    Instant & Modified Release

    BASFs rich portfolio of instant and modified release solutions offers an unique range of functionality.


    Effective solubilization in solid & liquid dosage forms.

    Wet Granulation

    BASF offers the key functional materials required to achieve great wet granulation results.

    Hot Melt Extrusion

    Bioavailability enhancement using hot melt extrusion.

      Learn more about our solutions for physical mixing processes


    Design of experiment to evaluate impact of kneading time and dry mix binder distribution on the granules properties using high shear granulation

    Product Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

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