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    Enhance your portfolio with Kolliwax® consistency factors

      BASF’s Kolliwax® portfolio features an extensive selection of oleochemical consistency factors to enhance your formulations.

      Available as free-flowing powders, free-flowing micro-pearls, and fatty acid mixtures, our consistency factors regulate the viscosity and stability of semi-solid formulations. These high-performance excipients include viscosity and sensorial modifiers that ensure smooth formulations every time, while co-emulsifiers improve stability. And because they are rigorously tested and verified to the most stringent standards, our pharmaceutical-grade products deliver premium quality and exceptional reliability.

    Consistency factors with a pharmaceutical-grade edge
    Fully approved, pharmaceutical-grade products – for peace of mind
    Innovative solutions for better, more stable formulations
    Guaranteed performance across a wide variety of applications

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    In focus

    Topical Drug Formulation Tips and Techniques

    Read about current trends, skin delivery solutions and formulation strategies.

    In focus

    Microstructure in topical drug development

    Learn more about the importance of microstructure in topical drug development and how BASF is playing an integral role in this hot industry.


    Controlling the physical properties and performance of semi-solid formulations through excipient selection

    Portfolio Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

    This brochure presents an overview of our leading-edge products, grouped in the following platforms: Skin Delivery, Instant and Modified Release, Solubilization, and Softgels.

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