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    For Better Solubility and Bioavailability

      With its excellent capability to form solid solutions, Soluplus® is suitable for innovative processing technologies, such as hot melt extrusion. Soluplus® was awarded with the CPhI Silver Innovation Award in 2010.

      Soluplus® is an innovative excipient that enables new levels of solubility and bioavailability for poorly soluble active ingredients. Developed specifically for solid solutions, Soluplus® is unique in many ways. Thanks to its high flowability and excellent extrudability, Soluplus® shows superior performance in forming solid solutions, especially in hot melt extrusion processes. This solid solution makes the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) available in a dissolved state, resulting in improved bioavailability, once in the body. The safety of Soluplus® is documented by a comprehensive range of toxicological data. Soluplus® has already been approved in Europe.

    Benefit from the advantages of Soluplus®
    Soluplus® has been designed to solubilize poorly soluble APIs
    Outstanding solubilization properties, especially for poorly soluble APIs
    Enables bioavailability enhancement
    Ideal for hot melt extrusion and all standard granulation techniques
    Market proven solution for unique formulation challenges
    Now approved in Europe

      Hot melt extrusion technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although this technique has been used in the plastics and food industries for decades, it is relatively new in the pharmaceutical industry and only a few drug products manufactured this way are currently available on the market. Hot melt extrusion technology shows numerous benefits over traditional methods, including shorter processing times, environmental advantages due to the elimination of solvents and the more efficient delivery of drugs to patients.

      Great results in hot melt extrusion.

      The high flowability and excellent extrudability of Soluplus® make for first-class results in hot melt extrusion. Soluplus® was specifically designed to solubilize poorly soluble APIs in this innovative production process. Its outstanding ability to form solid solutions and excellent solubilization capabilities, combined in one molecule, distinguish Soluplus® from other molecules that are used to form solid solutions or deployed in hot melt extrusion. However, Soluplus® is not limited to solid solutions formed via hot melt-extrusion, but can also be used as a matrix former in spray drying processes. Furthermore, it can be deployed as a binder in wet granulation or dry granulation and in drug layering. These possibilities, and many others, extend the potential scope of Soluplus®. Formulators can use the new polymer in many different ways to significantly improve solubility and bioavailability.

      Significant improvement in API release.

      Designed specifically for poorly soluble APIs.


      Significant improvement in bioavailability.


    Results from dissolution tests showed a faster release of the poorly soluble API itraconazole in solid solutions prepared with Soluplus®. Compared to other polymeric matrices, the fastest release was achieved with Soluplus®.

    For example, its solubilization capacity for the poorly soluble carbamazepine, ketoconazole and danazol is much higher compared to well-known surfactants such as Kolliphor® HS 15 and Kolliphor® RH 40 in a saturated solution in phosphate buffer (pH 7.0).

    Results showed a considerable improvement in the bioavailability of the poorly soluble API Itraconazole in solid solutions prepared with Soluplus®. The bioavailability study was conducted in beagle dogs.

      Product safety demonstrated by comprehensive toxicological data.

      A wide range of toxicological studies have been performed on Soluplus®, and the safety of the product has been documented in comprehensive studies. Toxicological data can be provided upon request.

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