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    Increase of solubility and bioavailability using spray drying and BASF excipients

    Spray drying is an established technology in the pharmaceutical industry to create amorphous, soluble forms of active ingredients. Key for a successful process is the use of the right functional polymer to ensure a stable solid dispersion. BASF offers a wide range of functional polymers to choose from, along with all other excipients typically used in the formulation.

    Within the extended solubility improvement toolbox of a formulator, spray drying is an accepted choice due to its market track record and specific advantages. Its capability to form amorphous solid dispersions of poorly soluble drugs, resulting in increased solubility, along with good control over particle size has made it the commercial process for various active ingredients.

    Importance of process parameters

    Spray drying with functional BASF polymers
    Significant increase of solubility and bioavailability
    Extensive knowledge in combination of process and excipient functionality
    Robust continuous processing with the right polymer selection

    In the process, a polymer is dissolved together with the active ingredient in a solvent (aqueous or organic). It is then atomized into droplets, and brought into contact with hot process gas. This causes rapid evaporation of the solvent and formation of solid particles, which are then filtered and dried. The steps can be summarized as follows:

    I Manufacture and atomization of the liquid.

    II Drying and formation of particle morphology within the spray tower.

    III Filtration, post drying, cooling and packaging of the powder.

    Choosing the right excipients

    Next to the spray drying process parameters, the selection of an appropriate polymer to form the solid particles together with the drug plays a crucial role for the resulting solubility & bioavailability improvement.

    Forms of spray dried particles

    However choosing the right excipient for a specific active ingredient is still a matter of experience and trial and error. We offer an extensive range of highly functional solubilizers, matrix polymers and additional complementary excipients – together with our teams unmatched expertise of excipient functionality, we enable you to identify the right solubilization solution for your formulation to be spray dried.