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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Topical Polymeric Films: Film forming

    Topical Polymeric Films: Film forming

    BASF has a robust portfolio of polymeric film formers to meet a variety of needs.

    Topical film forming formulations can have a variety of different objectives and performance criteria including barrier properties, wash and/or sweat resistance, easy wash off, flexibility, etc. While not commonly utilized in topical dermatological products, BASF has explored the application of a variety of coating polymers and found that they can provide a number of desirable topical film forming attributes. Depending on the chemistry these may be formulated into gels, non-aerosol sprays and compatible semi-solid formats.

    Robust portfolio of polymeric film formers to meet a variety of needs
    Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
    Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

    BASF has a robust portfolio of polymeric film formers to meet a variety of needs. Examples include:

    Kollidon® 90F

    Kollidon® 90F can be solubilized in hydroalcoholic mixtures and delivered in spray or gel dosage forms. Films on skin are moisture resistant but are very easily and painlessly washed off with water.


    Kollidon® SR and Kollicoat® SR 30D

    Kollidon® SR and Kollicoat® SR 30D both yield moisture-resistant films with good skin adhesion. These films tend be longer lasting but can be washed off with warm water, soap and rubbing.

    Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP

    Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP yields the most resistant films and could be desirable should the formulator be looking for barrier properties and long term drug delivery or activity on the skin surface.

    Kollicoat® IR

    Kollicoat® IR is a good option in aqueous formulations but requires longer dry times. After application the film is highly extensible, flexible and very easily washed off.


    Soluplus® forms solid solutions, and thus helps increase solubility and bioavailability of drugs. It is extrudable into films.

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    Film formers from BASF

    Film formers are used in the formulation process to apply a coating layer to provide a range of functionalities.

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    This brochure also features BASF's functional solutions for topical polymeric films.


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