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    Excipients for Drug Formulation Topical Polymeric Films: Plasticizers

    Topical Polymeric Films: Plasticizers

    BASF offers a selection of plasticizers suitable for topical polymeric films

     In order for films to be able to flex, stretch and move with the skin after application, plasticization may be required. Our Kollisolv® GTA (triacetin), Kollisolv® PEG 300 or Kollisolv® PEG 400, Kollisolv® PG (propylene glycol) and Kolliphor® P124 (poloxamer 124) are all exceptional options for topical polymeric films.

    Selection of polymers suitable as plasticizer for topical polymeric films
    Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
    Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

    Our Instant & Modified Solutions

    Plasticizers for coating formulations

    In pharmaceutical coatings, plasticizers are used to allow initial film forming and to achieve the right amount of film flexibility to avoid cracking and peel-off.

    Product Overview

    Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

    This brochure also features BASF's functional solutions for topical polymeric films.