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    Wet granulation for solid oral dosage forms – a full range of functional solutions from BASF

    Even though more efficient processes like direct compression and dry granulation are on the rise, wet granulation as a means to aggregate powder ingredients still plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. BASF offers the key functional materials required to achieve great wet granulation results.

    Wet granulation is used to form agglomerates of a certain particle size from single powder ingredients. Processes like wet granulation are required in order to achieve a homogenous and compressible "mixture" of the single components of a solid oral dosage form.

    Key functional ingredient in a physical mix to be wet granulated is the binder - it serves as the medium that holds all other components together and thus is the most important choice to make when developing your wet granulation process.

    At BASF, we are building on 75 years of experience and know-how - we started with our original, Kollidon® 30, and today we offer you a comprehensive range of wet binders for any type of formulation challenge:

    • For aqueous and solvent based wet granulation
    • For standard to very small tablets
    • For active ingredients moderately, highly and up to extremely sensitive against peroxides
    Benefit from our 75 years of expertise in excipient functionality
    All functional components you need for successful wet granulation
    Instant & sustained release granules
    Low- and no-peroxide solutions for your sensitive active ingredient