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    77 Results


    Dermaz 99

    By partnering with BASF, customers benefit from our unique API portfolio for dermatology, including cutting-edge ingredients for acne treatments such as Dermaz 99 for treatment of acne vulgaris, inflammatory rosacea and hyperpigmentary disorders.

    Dexpanthenol Ph. EUR.

    Dexpanthenol increases the healing of wounds, stimulates the epithelization, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


    Our wide range Ibuprofen of faster-acting ibuprofen for rapid pain relief.

    Kollicoat® IR

    As instant release film former, Kollicoat® IR combines exceptional coating quality with simple, robust processing. As wet binder, it combines powerful binding with no peroxides at all. And all those characteristics also make it a great pore former for sustained release formulations.

    Kollicoat® MAE 100 P

    Enteric coating with release above pH 5.5, coming as partially pre-neutralized powder saving you the neutralization step.

    Kollicoat® MAE 100-55

    A complete match – just better. Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 combines two things hard to bring together – it can directly exchange the comparable pH 5.5 enteric release coating polymer in your commercial formulations, and still bring signifi cant handling improvement to your operators because it does not dust at all.

    Kollicoat® MAE 30 DP

    Enteric coating with release above pH 5.5, coming as a 30 % solids content dispersion.

    Kollicoat® Protect

    Effective and reliable moisture protection for your active ingredients

    Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D

    Breaking new ground in taste masking and moisture protection

    Kollicoat® SR 30 D

    Precise, pH-independent sustained release for multiple applications