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Building Blocks 

BASF’s innovative technology platform and our extensive expertise in biocatalysis enable us to manufacture a wide range of building blocks. Our offerings include a large number of chiral intermediates and non-chiral specialties e.g. heterocycles and acid chlorides.
Leistungsfähige Katalysatoren sind für die Produktionsverfahren in der chemischen Industrie von entscheidender Bedeutung, sowohl aus ökonomischen als auch aus ökologischen Gründen. Mehr als 85 Prozent aller Produkte der BASF werden mit Hilfe von Katalysatoren hergestellt, wobei die heterogene Katalyse mit einem Feststoff als Katalysator im Vordergrund steht. Die Katalysatoren werden individuell an die Erfordernisse der verschiedenen Prozesse angepasst, was in der Katalyseforschung ein stark interdisziplinäres Arbeiten verlangt. Bei der BASF sind derzeit etwa 250 verschiedene Katalysatoren im Sortiment. Sie werden zunächst in den eigenen Produktionsanlagen eingesetzt und wenn sie sich bewähren, auch auf dem freien Markt angeboten.From both economical and environmental viewpoints, effective catalysts are of vital importance for the production processes used in the chemical industry. More than 85 percent of BASF products are produced with the aid of catalysts. The focus is on heterogeneous catalysis that utilizes catalyst present in a solid form. Since catalysts are adapted individually to the needs of various processes, close interdisciplinary collaboration is required in catalysis research. Currently, about 250 different catalysts are available in the BASF range. These catalysts are initially used at BASF's own plants and once proven are sold on the free market.


The Catalysts-portfolio includes fine-chemical-catalysts and a full loop of metals-management-services. With its human nutrition solutions, BASF offers a broad portfolio for consumers’ needs, including vitamins, carotenoids, plant-sterols, emulsifiers and omega-3.

Chiral Auxiliaries

Our customers benefit from the availability at commercial scale of chiral amines, alcohols, epoxides and acids that are marketed under the ChiPros® trademark and prepared using BASF’s robust technology platforms. 

Protective Groups

In numerous complex synthesis routes for APIs, some functional groups have to be shielded against conversion in a specific reaction step. For this purpose, BASF offers a range of compounds that provide the necessary protection in your transformations. Various types of functions ranging from alcohols to amines can be protected.


BASF’s portfolio includes organic reagents and inorganic specialty reagents, various boranes and specialty bases that facilitate reactions with high selectivity. To support your development work from lab to launch, all reagents are available in quantities from kilograms to tons.


BASF produces solvents of highest quality that meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We also offer comprehensive packages of support services and newly developed solutions for selected products.