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2,6-Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid (HNDA)

HNDA is a white, free flowing powder that is used as a key co-monomer for the production of polyethylene naphthalate and liquid crystal polymers.

HNDA is a key co-monomer for the production of both PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) and LCP (liquid crystal) polymers. LCPs made from HNDA have very good performance under high temperature applications. LCPs made from HNDA have a class 0 fire retardant rating without the addition of halogenated FR compounds. As a polyester component, it increases heat deflection temperature, lowers gas permeability, and improves UV resistance. It is approved for FDA applications and has been applied in the production of polyester powder coatings as a bisphenol A replacement.

LCPs made from HNDA have outstanding viscosity giving good flowability and process ability in the mass production of micro electron components such as printed circuit boards. HNDA is a white solid, free-flowing powder.

2,6-Naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid

Product Details

2,6-Naphthalin-dicarbonsäure (HNDA) 

CAS No.: 1141-38-4 


25KG fiber drums.
100KG fiber drums.