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Triphenyl phosphine pellets

Triphenyl phosphine pellets (TPP) is a colorless solid with the melting point about 80°C and a boiling point around 360 °C. TPP pellets has faint specific odor and is insoluble with water. TTP pellets is soluble in organic solvents.

BASF offers triphenylphosphine in molten and pellets forms. Both make the product handling safer and easier. We also offer different packaging according to customers' requests globally.

Triphenyl phosphine pellets

Product Details

Triphenyl phosphine pellets

CAS No.: 603-35-0


0,5KG Glass bottle
15KG,20KG Fibreboard boxes 
90KG Fibre drum 
100KG Steel drums
500KG Flexible IBC 

Product CAS No. M [g/mol] Assay [%] b.p [C] m.p. [C]
Triphenyl phosphine 603-35-0 262.29 min. 99.5 195 - 205 79 - 81