Excipients for Drug Formulation

Excipients for 

Excipients for Drug Formulation


BASF offers a variety of matrix builders, solvents and emulsifiers suitable for suppositories.

Suppositories are an excellent dosage form for rectal and vaginal applications. Some of the advantages of suppositories include:

  • The API can be rapidly absorbed through colonic or vaginal mucosal membranes
  • The API is not exposed to digestive system or hepatic metabolism.

Important characteristics for suppositories include (1) hardness (for proper handling and delivery), (2) shape (for comfortable insertion and retention), (3) solubilization of drug in suppository matrix, and (4) rapid melting after application.

Suppositories can be formed from waxy matter, structured glycerine or poloxamer-based mixtures. The composition is tuned so that the suppository is solid at ambient temperature but rapidly melts at body temperature. Emulsifiers may be used to increase the solubility of the API in the suppository mass and also accelerate the dispersal of the API after the suppository melts.


  • Broad range of matrix builders, solubilizers and emulsifiers for suppositories
  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

Functional excipients for suppositories include:


Suppositories are composed of a balance of solid, higher melting point material combined with lower melting point fluids. The solvents may be hydrophilic (e.g. polyethylene glycols, propylene glycol, etc.) or hydrophobic (e.g. medium chain triglycerides, etc.)

Matrix builders

These excipients help forming the solid structure in suppositories, and which will melt at body temperature. In hydrophilic suppositories this may be poloxamers or higher melting point polyethylene glycols (i.e. Kollisolv® PEG 1450 or Kollisolv® PEG 8000). In hydrophobic suppositories this may be fatty acids or fatty alcohols and/or blends of these.


These excipients can aid in the dispersal of suppository solids and oils after the suppository melts and disassembles in the application site.

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Suppositories: Emulsifiers

BASF has a broad portfolio of compendial, GMP-manufactured emulsifiers suitable for use in suppository masses.

Suppositories: Matrix builders

BASF offers a variety of hard fats, waxy solids, PEGs and poloxamers ideal for use as matrix builder and structurants in suppository formulations.

Suppositories: Solubilizers and Solvents

BASF offers a variety of solubilizers and solvents ideal for suppository mass formulations.

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