Excipients for Drug Formulation

Excipients for 

Excipients for Drug Formulation

Suppositories: Matrix builders

BASF offers a variety of hard fats, waxy solids, PEGs and poloxamers ideal for use as matrix builder and structurants in suppository formulations.

Matrix builders are the materials that create the solid state that gives the suppository the solidity that allows it to be handled prior to application. Depending on the type of suppository, matrix builders can be added to fluid oils or water, in order to build up the hardness. BASF offers numerous materials to make oil-based or water-based suppositories.


  • Variety of hard fats, waxy solids, PEGs and poloxamers ideal for use as matrix builder in suppositories
  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

Hard fats

Hard fats are pre-blended fatty solids that can melt within a specific temperature range that may be found in the rectum, colon or vagina. Our Novata® products offer a variety of typical melting point ranges.

Waxy solids

Waxy solids like cetyl alcohol (Kolliwax® CA), stearic acid (Kolliwax® S), stearyl alcohol (Kolliwax® SA), cetostearyl alcohol (Kolliwax® CSA 50 or Kolliwax® CSA 70), and myristyl alcohol (Kolliwax® MA) can all be used to structure compatible oils to build suppository hardness (though stearic acid and myristyl alcohol have not yet been approved in a suppository formulation, per the FDA Inactive Ingredient Database).


PEGs (grades that are solid at room temperature) can be used to solidify liquid PEGs and solvents (e.g. Kollisolv® PG – propylene glycol) to form hydrophilic suppositories. BASF offers a complete range of PEGS from Kollisolv® PEG 300 to Kollisolv® PEG 8000.


Poloxamers have been explored as stiffening agents in suppositories but have not yet been approved in a marketed product. BASF offers Kolliphor® P188 and Kolliphor® P407 for your product development exploration.

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