Excipients for Drug Formulation

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Excipients for Drug Formulation

Topical Polymeric Films

BASF offers a number of film formers and plasticizers for topical formulations enabling you to create the ideal skin delivery solution for your topical polymeric film formulation.

Topical dermatological formulations that form intact films on the skin surface, after application, have several possible advantages: (1) They can hold APIs on the skin surface at the site of efficacy for longer periods of time by resisting rub off or wash off, (2) They can provided added protection to the skin by providing a physical barrier to dirt, microorganisms, toxins, etc. (3) They can create a reservoir on the surface of the skin, from which API is released in a controlled fashion. (4) They can prevent the transfer of excipients and APIs from the skin surface to clothing, other people, pets, etc.


  • Robust portfolio of polymeric film formers to meet a variety of needs
  • Variety of exceptional plasticizers
  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

Functional excipients for topical polymeric films include:

Film formers

Our Kollicoat® and Kollidon® products offer a variety of different chemistries which form films with varying degrees of retention and solubility. Topical films can then be designed which are resistant to washing or alternatively, which may be easily washed off.


In order for films to be able to flex, stretch and move with the skin after application, plasticization may be required. Our Kollisolv® GTA (triacetin), Kollisolv® PEG 300 or Kollisolv® PEG 400, Kollisolv® PG (propylene glycol) and Kollisolv® P124 (poloxamer 124) are all exceptional options.

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Discover our portfolio of functional excipients for your topical polymeric film formulation

Discover BASF's functional solutions for your topical polymeric film formulation

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