Excipients for Drug Formulation

Transdermal Patches

BASF offers a variety of polymeric matrix formers and solvents suitable for transdermal patch formulations.

Adhesive transdermal patches are a growing technology for API delivery. Transdermal patches (TDDS) can take a variety of forms (e.g. simple drug-in-adhesive, multilayered, reservoir, etc.). The key advantages of this dosage form are: (1) Frequency of patient dosing may be reduced, due to prolonged or controlled API delivery, (2) API can be delivered when oral application is not possible, (3) Patches can be designed to deliver drugs at a specific controlled rate, (4) Patch application is painless and with minimal aesthetic negatives, as compared to injections or poor tasting oral formulations, (5) patches are easily applied to patients who resist oral dosage forms (e.g. children, elderly, disabled, etc.).


  • Variety of excipients suitable for API-solubilizing matrices in transdermal patches
  • Wide range of solubilizers and solvents used in transdermal patches
  • BASF offers polymers that are being explored for use in microneedle technologies.
  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

Functional excipients required for successful design of transdermal patches includes:

Polymeric matrix formers

In transdermal patches the API must remain solubilized in the adhesive or polymeric matrix that is placed against the skin surface. BASF has several excipients that are used to form API-solubilizing matrices in transdermal patches (e.g. Kollidon® VA64Soluplus®Kollidon® CL, etc.)

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Microneedle Patches

Microneedle patches are also being explored for the delivery of large molecules across the stratum corneum barrier. The various forms of microneedles include coated solid microneedles, hollow solid microneedles and soluble microneedles. BASF has polymers that are being explored for use in microneedle technologies.

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Portfolio Overview

Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

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Discover our portfolio of functional excipients for transdermal patch formulations

Discover BASF's functional solutions for transdermal patches

Transdermal Patches: Matrix builders

BASF offers a selection of matrix builders for transdermal systems (i.e. transdermal patches).

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Transdermal Patches: Solubilizers & Solvents

BASF offers broad portfolio of solubilization polymers and solvents that have been used in FDA-approved transdermal patches, including, the Kollidon® CL series (crospovidones or cross-linked povidones), Kollidon®s (povidones of different molecular weights).

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